Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'NOTD: Illamasqua (Fail)'

It is my day off work today, and I'm feeling rather lazy. But I thought I'd throw up an easy post and show you one of my new favorite nail varnishes! =)
 I have been searching for a sort of mint green/blue and a lighter purple color since last summer. However, I need a polish that has enough vibrancy to it that it doesn't wash me out. Pastel color polishes look amazing on other people, just not me! I found this mid-tone intense purple aaaand I freakin' love it!!

Illamasqua "Jo'mina"
For some unfortunate reason this color is looking totally different in pictures than in real life. :(  FAIL! The shade is a much warmer, red-toned bright purple. How annoying, right?!

A little bit better...

The picture from
 I'd say the last picture, from, is pretty darn accurate.. and against my NOTD photo, totally different!! This is definitely a FAIL NOTD, but I just love it in person!

What do you have on your nails today??



  1. its not a fail at all :) i actually really like the shade :) x

  2. I ordered a set from ebay and they smell soooo much like extremely strong nail polish :( i hope mine arent fake cus i love pastel colours haha. Love that purple too !

  3. Thanks Adrienne :)
    Elly, my polish has a quite strong nail polish smell too. You would think that a more expensive nail polish wouldn't have that strong chemical smell!

  4. I'm sporting the new Sally Hansen Salon Effect.
    I've been wearing the zebra print since Friday night - with showers everyday, washing dishes, and just everyday things - and I HIGHLY recommend them.
    They don't peel off, chip, and there's no mess or the dreaded smudging!!

  5. There polish is amazing

  6. I have a dark green color on today. SO not springish! love this purple though :)

  7. KL - I have been wanting to try those for so long! I haven't found a print that I want yet though.. eventually =)

    PP & Francesca - I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorites for spring/summer!!

  8. omg what an awesome color for this month. love it!! Stop by my blog and follow if you get the chance!!! Be back soon!!! :) :)

  9. I'm actually working on mine right now. Newspaper Nails!!
    {dry faster nails!!}


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