Friday, April 20, 2012

NORDSTROM Haul! NEW Dior, YSL, Laura Mercier...

So I did a bit of a Nordstrom haul last week after I saw the new Dior bronzers that came out with their summer collection =)
On to the goods!
Picture heavy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

'Long Over-due MAC Haulage'...

This little haul is LONG over-due! Having a MACPro card means I can get products a week or so before they actually launch, so I have had these a couple weeks.. oops! =)

MAC Haul
God knows a few of these products have been done to death, so I'll just show my swatches and not bore you with tons of pics of the products themselves...

left to right: MAC MSF in "Superb" and "Whisper of Gilt", Viva Glam lipstick in "Nicki"

left to right: MAC MSF in "Superb"blended out and "Whisper of Gilt", Viva Glam lipstick in "Nicki

The two MSFs are showing up very true to life, but the Nicki lipstick isn't showing quite as bright as it is in person. Needless to say I LOVE the MSFs, and I'm sure Nicki is going to be a summer staple for me :)

Okay, next up I purchased MAC Chromographic pencil in Pure White and an eye shadow in Brown Script.

MAC eye shadow in "Brown Script" and MAC Chromographic pencil in "Pure White"

left to right: MAC Chromographic pencil in "NC15/NW20" and "Pure White", ES in "Brown Script" and "Espresso"
MAC Chromographic pencil in "Pure White"... I normally use my NC15/NW20 pencil for my bottom waterline to cancel out the red, and I really do like it. It's not too stark but really opens up my eyes. However, I didn't have any sort of white eye liner! I've worn Pure White on my waterline already and like it, it's just a different look. I also really needed this to define my winged liner!! I love applying it subtly underneath my wing to make it more of a statement.

MAC eye shadow in "Brown Script"... I'm in love with reddish browns, in case you didn't know =) But most  of the ones I own are darker, so I purchased Brown Script for a softer look with the same tones. I pictured it above next to Espresso just to give you an idea of the amount of warmth in the shade!

The MSFs are sold out on the MAC website, but you can still purchase Whisper of Guilt from Nordstrom's here!

So did you get the MSFs? What do you think of them??


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Better late than never!!! =)

Alright, so I finally got a phone that I can actually do things on... and seeing WitchHazel's post about her twitter and etc made me finally get a move on. Sooooooo................................

TWITTER @Obsessions2Liv4
INSTAGRAM @Obsessions2Liv4

I welcome myself to the year 2012 =) Join me!!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

TODAY: 50% off Illamasqua Blushers!!!!

Wanted to give you guys a heads-up, 5 shades of Illamasqua blushers are 50% off today on!!!! The shades include: Lover, Tremble, Katie, Hussy, and Nymph. (click here to see my post with swatches of a few of the shades) There is also free shipping for any international orders over $75.

The Easter Hunt

I for one, am excited beyond belief!! I'm picking up the two shades I don't have yet, along with 2 additional shades that aren't on sale so that I can get free shipping ;)

Yay! Will you be trying out any of the blush shades?


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

APRIL Wish List: Shoes & Bags!

Lately I've found myself browsing less for makeup and more for accessories, particularly handbags and shoes! Here are a few of the things I have been lusting over lately...

Sperry Angelfish Slip On Boat Shoes
I can't help it, I think boat shoes are cute! I've basically fallen in love with these.. they must be mine! You can check them out here.

Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull MM

I haven't purchased a handbag since my last summer and I've gotten an itch for a new one! Although I would just die for a Celine Luggage bag, something like this LV tote is more affordable for me... and is still right out of my price range :)

J Crew Tillary tote

So this is my Celine-inspired substitute. This handbag is from J Crew (found here) and is leather, so I'm thinking the quality would be nice!

TOMS Ash University Rope Sole Classics

I've never been a huge fan of TOMS, but I saw these in the store a while back and I still think about them.. You can check them out here!

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