Thursday, August 23, 2012

NEW Illamasqua "Generation Q" Collection!!!

My favorite blushes, hands down, are from Illamasqua. The quality and pigmentation can't be beat.. not to mention they have the best matte shades ever! So, naturally, I have been wanting to try some of their eye shadows. :)  I'm not one for singles (I just don't end up using them!) so I was so excited to see these pics of new eye shadow palettes! 
Illamasqua "Generation Q" Collection

The upcoming collection comes out in October, but some products may be released early! I have my eye on this one...
Illamasqua eye shadow palette in "Empower"
These shades are right up my alley! *LOVE* Here's my other fav products from the collection...
Illamasqua eye shadow palette in "Complement"
This palette is beautiful too! However, the brown shade looks to be a cream, which I'm not so keen on.

Illamasqua Gleam in "Aurora"
I really don't need any new highlighters, but this "Gleam" in Aurora looks gorgeous! Ugh, if only I could actually use up the products I have :( 

So have you seen this collection yet?? Will you check it out?!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

New! MAC Styleseeker Collection...

For some reason I had NO CLUE this MAC collection was coming out... am I the only one who was in the dark on this one?! Anyway, I thought I'd share the Styleseeker promo pics with you guys!

MAC Styleseeker Collection

I actually quite like the little duos that MAC comes out with. There are usually a couple with permanent shades, and a couple with limited edition shades. I'm thinking of getting the duo below...

MAC Marche aux Puces Eye Shadow x2... This duo comes with Chessa, a midtone golden orange (veluxe pearl) and Indie Spirit, a chestnut brown (matte). This would be a great duo for fall! I'm debating whether to wait for Temptalia's review, or just go for it and purchase... ?!

MAC Eye Shadow in Chessa
MAC Eye Shadow in Indie Spirit 

Are there any products in this collection that you are thinking of getting?? What other of MAC's million collections are you looking forward to?


Friday, August 10, 2012

MAC Lipstick HAUL.. By Request Collection and More!

As soon as I found out that MAC was releasing Candy Yum-Yum again with their By Request Collection, I knew I had to place an order and grab a backup =) Of course I HAD to pick up a few more things.. to make the shipping worth it ;)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

INs and OUTs... to LIVE FOR...

I haven't done one of these posts in literally AGES and honestly I love them. Sandra just posted one and it inspired me to do one of my own!


- Fall clothing! I can't wait until I don't feel as though I have to swim through the hot air here, and all of the new fall clothing that has been coming out looks amazing!

- Searching for a new handbag.. this is almost an "OUT" as I haven't been finding much that I love at the moment :/ but here's a RZ bag that is a top contender! Not to mention it's on sale, which is always a plus!
Rachel Zoe "Zoe Mini" find it here

- Re-building my wardrobe.. I've been trying to spruce up my "look" to go a bit more sophisticated, blazers, pencil skirts, etc. It's definitely a work in progress!

- Watching Pretty Little Liars.. such great inspiration for me to finally quit being lazy and actually do my hair for once! I mean seriously? They have their hair curled and perfect every single second of this show.. *gag*..... ok ok I'm just jealous ;)


- Being stuck in the house.. this heat's a bitch.

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