Monday, April 4, 2011

New Obsession!!

Ok, so I am SUPER impressed with the new Illamasqua blush I recently picked up. I have literally been wearing it every single day! The pigmentation is crazy amazing. Believe it or not, "Chased" blush is my first and only Illamasqua product I have ever tried! I have started a list of other things I want to try, and I need your recommendations too!

What are your favorite must-have Illamasqua products?? Do you love a certain lipgloss... pigment... nail polish?? What have you tried out from Illamasqua?



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  2. I looove illamasqua and especially their blushes.. I always rave about them.. They're so pigmented and they stay on all day..

    I have their blush in Lover (a gorgeous peach), Panic (a red that looks soo natural when applied with a light hand) and Unrequited.. And Lover is a favourite.. it's so gorgeous.. Uncomparable to MAC's Peaches.. I actually have a swatch of it on my blog if you're wondering how gorgeous it really is..

    Their intense lipglosses are also amazingly pigmented and stay on all day..

    I looove their lipsticks.. They're all matte which is why i love them.. And the colours they got goin on are to die for.. If you're into reds you gotta check out Sangers, Maneater and Box..

    Oh and my favourite liquid eye liner is from illamasqua.. It's their precision Ink in black.. I love the glossy look it gives all day and the brush is easy to work with..

    I really wanna try their cream blushes.. read soo many great things about them..

  3. I have never tried any of their products, but that blush looks gorgeous! I will have to go grab some of that!
    You should put up a picture of the blush on your cheeks! I bet it looks amazing

  4. Honey, you HAVE to try the Sheer Gloss in Rouse and the illuminator in Halcyon! Those two are my absolute favorite!
    Looks like I'm getting this blush too! Yay!

  5. Delyteful - Thanks for all the great recommendations! "Lover" is really pretty, I checked out your swatch.. some peaches don't look too great on my skintone but I think that one would work. I'm so excited to get some of these!!

    Vanessa - I promise you won't be disappointed if you try "Chased"!

    Anni - You will love it!! I'm definitely picking up a sheer gloss.. I'm deciding between Rouse and Divine.. Oh choices choices!! =)

  6. i dont have any illamsqua products ive liked yet...but i want to try out their blushes and nail polishes really badly.

  7. Love the Illamasque productsssss. xx


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