Friday, April 15, 2011

'Illamasqua Lipgloss Haul' to LIVE FOR...

So, as most of you know from previous posts I have recently gotten into Illamasqua. I finally ordered a few things to sample the products they have to offer.
First up, lipglosses! Illamasqua has two different formulas, sheer lipgloss and intense lipgloss. I decided to get one of each to test them out!

left to right: Intense lipgloss in "Follow", Sheer lipgloss in "Divine"
First let me just say I love the packaging! I would much rather use a squeeze-tube like this than to use a brush or other applicator that goes from your lips back into the product, contaminating it. Of course germs and bacteria are going to get into the gloss if you are using it directly from the tube/brush to your lips, but I just feel like a squeeze-tube is more sanitary!

left to right: Sheer lipgloss in "Divine", Intense lipgloss in "Follow"

Sheer lipgloss in "Divine"... This is a bit of a thicker gloss. It's not super creamy but not super sticky either. I really like the color this gives my lips.. it is sheer but definitely has some pigmentation going on. I have worn this quite a few times, and I would say I get about 3 hours of wear out of it.  (One day I mixed this gloss with Follow and I loved it!)

Intense lipgloss in "Follow"... This lipgloss is freaking amazing =) I am SUPER impressed and have already ordered another shade, that's how much I love this it! This is also a bit of a thicker gloss. It feels like a lipgloss but the pigmentation is like an opaque lipstick. This can also be sheered out if you just pat it onto the lips. Again, I get about 3 hours of wear out of this gloss.

The intense lipgloss is amazing all by itself, and the sheer gloss looks great alone or over a lipstick. However, if you are someone who likes a gloss that is really creamy and slippery, these may not be the glosses for you.

I highly recommend these!! Both formulations get an A in my book =)

Have you tried Illamasqua lipglosses? Do you like the sheer gloss, or the intense??



  1. love the colours, they look gorgeous :)

  2. Follow is just gorgeous! I love Illamassqua glosses too, my favourite is Indulge which is quite similar to Follow actually. And agree with you about the tube design, it somehow does seem more sanitary than brush/sponge applicators.

  3. I cannot wait to order from this brand!

  4. Both colours are very pretty! The red looks fab. I have never tried some of these, but I hope I can grab one some day!

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  6. I love the Illamasqua glosses - I have the 'Divine' sheer one too! And I have the intense gloss in 'Mistress' which is a vivid coral. So awesome!


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