Tuesday, May 3, 2011

'Make Up For Ever FLASH Palette'

I pretty much spend an insane amount of money on makeup products =) It's a sickness that I am more than happy to have. Even for me, spending $95 on (technically) a single makeup item was tough! But it's probably the smartest purchase I have made in a long time...

MUFE 12 Flash Color Case... This palette contains 12 vibrant, opaque shades. The colors include: metallic gold, coral, turquoise, fuschia, yellow, dark brown, metallic silver, white, red, blue, leaf green, and black. You may have to brush up on your color theory, but you can create almost any color or shade you could think of by mixing a variety of these together. You can use this on the eyes, cheeks, lips, just about anywhere!!

I love the MUFE Aqua Cream that I purchased a while back, so I added a few more colors to my wishlist... I realized that if I just bought 3 more colors of the singles, that I would have spent more than just shelling out for the palette! 

So far I am loving all of the colors. The consistency is very creamy which makes them super easy to blend and sheer down if desired. Every single color is very highly pigmented and a little will go a long way! 

There are definitely cheaper alternatives out there as far as color palettes go, but I just wanted the MUFE one! It's also really great that MUFE included a sparkly gold and silver to the mix =) Blending them with any of the other colors instantly creates a gorgeous sparkly shimmery formula.

Do you ever mix your cream pigments to make a unique shade/color?? Have you tried this product? Let me know below!



  1. this palette looks amazing but quite pricey

  2. that palette is so pretty and pigmented, do those cream colors crease?

  3. I have this palette and it is so worth the price. You can use it for everything and like you said, you can make any color, plus it's less expensive than buying every color individually. So glad you love it too and it lasts forever! Is that why they call it makeup forever? haha

  4. Ooh im so tempted...There are so many options with this


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