Sunday, May 15, 2011

'MAC Haul: Part 2'

Finally, as promised, part 2 of my recent MAC haul!! Until I attended the MAC Master Class in Chicago I had no idea these next products were even available!

MAC Studio Finish Skin Corrector
MAC Studio Finish Skin Correctors ($12 each)... These are full coverage color correcting concealers!! Don't ask me how I didn't know MAC had these, it is beyond me. As far as I know these correctors are only available in pan form, and only at MAC Pro stores.

The colors I purchased are:

Blonde Ash - A very pale cool white with a green undertone that is great for correcting redness on even the palest skin.
Pure Orange - A vibrant orange used to correct dark circles under the eyes and etc on medium to darker skin tones. (Wayne of GossMakeupArtist on youtube talked about this product in a video or two)
Deep Brown - A black brown designed for the darkest skin tone.
Ochre - A mustard yellow that adds warmth for darker skin tones.

Now, I purchased colors for a wide range of skin tones because I never know who I am going to be working on. If you are not a makeup artist you certainly don't need all of these! But being a professional you need to be prepared for everything and everyone and these are the colors I would recommend =)

Here are Pure Orange and Ochre blended out. The littlest bit goes a LONG way, they are super pigmented!

So far I am loving these correcting concealers. If you are interested in trying them it's definitely worth visiting or calling your nearest MAC Pro store to find out more about them!!

Do you use color correctors? What are your favorites??



  1. I didn't know these existed either! I'll have to look into these, i need a green concealer asap x

  2. I never knew mac did these either! Thanks for the post xx

  3. wow those look like something i need to be pickin up! I love correcting concealer's- I didnt know they made them either- dont feel bad!

  4. honey!!!
    love your style!!!
    fantastic blog

    follow u


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