Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Update: Uninspired & Homesick'

When I post an "Update" it's usually just sort of a personal blurp, a glimpse into what's going on in my life or things coming up that I will be doing. Or sometimes a way for me to vent! Just fyi =) That way if you aren't interested in these kind of posts you can skip them, I won't hold it against you! ;)

I've been feeling rather uninspired as of late. Maybe it's because of my crazy work schedule lately, or because of the erratic weather.. I'm not sure, but things just haven't been exciting me like they usually would.

I have also been a bit home-sick since going to Chicago and seeing my bestie. I had forgotten how nice it is to have my girlfriends around!

However, I am looking forward to seeing my parents soon. I'm going to be flying in to Chicago to meet up with my mom and have some quality girl-time with her for 2 days, then driving to WI to meet up with some more family (dad, aunt, cousins) for another 2 days before flying back home to MN.

Have any of you had to move away from your family and friends before??



  1. Yup. I moved to Florida from Maryland for college back in 2004. The first few years I didn't think about it so much, I think because I was busy and experiencing a lot of new things. But now that I'm 3 years out of school I miss them so much, and the homesick is always really bad right after they visit or I visit. Especially after losing my grandfather in December. It's hard. But I know that my Mom and Stepfather will be moving down here in the near future. I talk to my grandmother on the phone at least 3 hours each week.
    It sucks quite often, but I love my boyfriend and have started my own little life down here. Frequent visits are a must.
    You can do it girl, my advice is seriously to keep yourself busy and call your family often.

  2. That's nice that you will have family moving near you soon!
    Thanks for the support =) I'm off to call my mum!


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