Saturday, May 28, 2011

'Sephora PERK: Too Faced'

I very rarely use my points at Sephora. But this time when I went through the checkout I actually spied something I thought was totally worth it!! It is the Too Faced "eye love" Palette.

Too Faced "eye love" Palette... This palette contains 2 shades from each of the eye palettes Too Faced as come out with recently. I haven't purchased any of those palettes, so this was perfect!!

Too Faced "eye love" Palette
The shades are:

Neutral Eye - Heaven & Push-Up
Smoky Eye - Silver Spoon & Smolder
Naked Eye - Satin Sheets & Like A Virgin
Romantic Eye - Honeymoon & Ever After

Too Faced "eye love" Palette swatches

The shimmery eye shadows with the more satin finish I was quite impressed with. However, the matte shades fell short. Way short in my opinion. Though they felt like a very finely milled pressed powder, the pigmentation was pretty terrible.. I seriously had to swatch the sh*t out of the cream color and the black. 

What do you think of Too Faced eye shadows?? Do you own any of the "Eye" palettes?



  1. I wish i could get my hands down on this:)

  2. ahh I was waiting to spend my 500 points, I may have to pick this up even though I do own 2 of the colors (from the neutral eye palette)! The romantic eye colors look really pretty.

  3. I heard the colours from the palettes are amazing but the pigmentation terrible :(

  4. I rarely use my points too, but this is definitely tempting. 'Satin sheets' looks beautiful

  5. This looks amazing! I've had the hardest time making up my mind between the Natural or the Naked eye palette!

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