Wednesday, May 4, 2011

'MAC Haul: Part 1'

Over the weekend I took a trip to the Windy City (aka Chicago) to meet up with some friends from back home and attend another MAC Master Class =) So you know I came home with some goodies!

First a few words about the class I took... MAC Senior Artist Fatima Thomas spoke at the class and let me tell you, she was amazing! The class focused on makeup trends/techniques/products from past eras, and how they are being reinterpreted today. I could go on and on about it! Anyway, it was great and I'm so happy I was able to attend!
On to the haul...

MAC Eye Kohls in "Powersurge" and "Smolder"... I am sure you all already know about what an amazing product Smolder is, so I won't bore you with that! But, Powersurge is just GORGEOUS! It is a lovely bronze/brown with gold shimmer. Being an eye kohl, it's super creamy and great to smudge and smoke out. I'm really loving it and haven't used my gel liner since I picked this up!

left to right: MACs "Woodwinked", "Mulch", "Mystery", "Espresso"
MAC Eye Shadow in "Mulch"... I have pictured these eye shadows above with Woodwinked and Espresso just to give you a better idea of their shades. I have no idea how I don't already own Mulch! It's raved about by tons of beauty bloggers and youtubers. Mulch is a beautiful red-brown with a subtle bronze shimmer.It pairs amazingly well with MUFE Aqua Cream #14! I have been going nuts over these red-based browns!

MAC Eye Shadow in "Mystery"... MAC describes this shadow as a "Muted plum-brown". I don't know about the whole plum thing, but this shade does not disappoint! On the eye it looks halfway between a dark brown and a soft black. It is amazing for a deep smokey eye that isn't quite as harsh as using a black shadow. I need to pick up another for my makeup kit!

left to right: MACs "Woodwinked", "Mulch", "Mystery", "Espresso"
above: MAC blush in "Trace Gold"
MAC blush in "Trace Gold"... I reeeeally like this blush. It's a very shimmery gold color with a hint of a pink base. You really can't tell this from the picture, but in some lighting you can definitely tell it's not just straight gold. In part 2 of this haul I'll try and show a better swatch next to another blush I have that is similar! =)

What have you been hauling lately?!?



  1. Mulch is my all time favourite eyeshadow, it is the best haha. Great haul!

  2. I need that eyeliner in Powersurge now! Like Elly is Mulch one of my favorite eyeshadows from MAC. Nice haul! Can´t wait for more pictures.

  3. Mystery is prob one of my go-to's for a low maintenance smokey eye--such a versatile color! I can never resist an extravagant haul every time I go in MAC. I'll definitely be checking out Woodwinked and the Eye Kohl in Powersurge!

  4. That blush looks so subtle but absolutely gorgeous at the same time! Can't wait to see the rest! x


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