Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Dolce Vita Wedges Sale!'

If you don't already know, a while back I did a post on a few different summer sandals/wedges I was considering purchasing. Well I didn't get anything off my list, but here's what I DID get! =)

Dolce Vita "Sancia"
These Dolce Vita wedges were originally $165, but I purchased them for $130 on piperlime.com. But now they are only $89!!!!!! I mean, really? I have to get them for $130 and THEN they go on sale for $89?? The great thing is piperlime has free shipping and returns.. I think $40 is worth sending these back and just ordering them again. I just hate the hassle!

It was gloomy outside when I took my picture so here's the one from the website, which is maybe just a tad washed out.

Anyway the wedges are great! They have a 5" heel with a 7/8" platform.. the plaform combined with the wedge design makes them surprisingly easy to walk in. I also love that they are rather light, and don't feel at all clunky on your feet!

Have you thought about your summer shoes yet?? Are any on your wishlist?



  1. ahh i love nude wedges! those are super cute!


  2. I need also some new Wedges for the summer. My beloved red wedges with cork are broken last year! :(

    New flats are also on my wishlist. Tomorrow is the day for that!

    Your wedges are pretty and I think I would return them too. 40$ are better invest for make up!

    xoxo, Sandra

  3. OMG! I need these in my life!!! I LOVE WEDGES!!!!! So jealous


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