Thursday, March 10, 2011

'TRENDS: Wedges/Summer Heels' to LIVE FOR...

With spring and summer slowly approaching I have started scoping out possible additions for my shoe collection =) The past few years I have been obsessed with platforms (heels I mean, when talking about shoes 99% of the time I'm talking heels lol) and over last fall and winter it turned into WEDGE platforms.
Aldo 'Luzier' $120
I fell in love with a pair of Acne booties last year, but at around $800 they were out of the question. I was pumped when I found this pair at Aldo that resembled the Acne booties and were actually in my price range! They are totally killer and I get compliments every time I wear them :)

Now on to finding some summer wedges and platforms..
Aldo 'Evroange' $100

Aldo 'Edvalson' $90
I'm about 99.9% sure I am getting Aldo's 'Evroange' wedges. I LOVE the pattern on the platform heel.. it's very Aztec/Native American-esque which is a trend that I have been getting into lately.
The next pair 'Edvalson' are also a great pair of wedges. I like the idea of getting a nude pair for the spring/summer.. they can go with almost everything. I'm wanting a pair that are slightly darker than this one, a color that will sort of blend with my tan and almost disappear when I wear them. May sound weird, but it will make your legs look amazing and long as hell!

I am also lusting over one pair of heeled sandles in particular. The Jessica Simpson 'Dany' platforms.

Jessica Simpson 'Dany' in Grey orig $120
 I have found these at numerous websites for anywhere from $80-$120. They come in black, grey, tan..and perforated brown and frost (cream colored, pictured below).

JS 'Dany' in Frost
 About a month ago there was a sale on and they had the 'Dany' for like $45!!! I'm pretty bummed I wasn't quick enough to get them in my size :'(  Not sure how often I would wear these, but I desperately want them in grey.... I mean, I could wear them around the house..right? haha

What shoes are you lusting over?? Would you rock super high platform wedges? Comment below!!



  1. I think I'll be getting the Evroange wedges as well! If you do get them could you possibly take a picture? I would love to see them in a photo other than the website's stock photo!

    Great blog! ♥

  2. If I get them I totally will!


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