Thursday, March 10, 2011

TAG: How much is my face worth?

Wow, so this is a crazy tag to think about! I just saw this on Karrisx's blog...   If my bf found out how much my face was worth he would send me to a mental institution!! lol

The breakdown:
Free sample, face primer =)
Vichy Dermablend Foundation $28
Revlon Colorstay Foundation $10
MAC Studio Sculpt concealer $16.50
MAC Painterly paint pot $16.50
MAC e/s Vanilla, Wedge, Tempting, Filament $11.00 each = $44.00
MAC Taupe brow pencil $15
MAC Clear brow set $15
MAC Blunt (contour), Gingerly blush $16.50, &16.50
MUFE HD Microfinish powder $30
MAC Pearl cream colour base $16.50
Dior Amber Diamond highlight powder $45
MUFE Smokey Lash mascara $22
MAC Lustering lipstick $14.5
$306.. However I do get a discount on some products so more like $254.

I don't even want to think about if the cost of my brushes were added into it! haha

So, what is your face worth?? I TAG everyone!



  1. hehehe really interesting post! Never really thot of it that way.. But damn my face is pricey!

    Awesome blog hun.. Thanks for the follow ;)

  2. I think I may do this in the next few days..Now I have to try and remember what I paid for some of the items I use.

  3. You use some good stuff! How do you like that MUFE Powder? I am thinking about getting that one

  4. Vanessa - I really like the MUFE powder.. I always either use that one, or my MAC MSF Natural if I want a little more coverage than just my liquid foundation. I find the MUFE powder really helps my foundation last a lot longer than the MAC MSF!
    Sephora used to do a value set with a mini size of the MUFE powder along with their mascara and something else I think... if they still have it I suggest you purchase that one. I don't think I'm ever going to finish my full-size MUFE Powder!!


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