Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'LOTD: Lip of the Day!'... to LIVE FOR

Since I seem to be obsessed with lipsticks lately, I decided I would do LOTD's to show you how I wear them! It only seems right that I should start out with my all-time favorite lipstick =) MAC's "Girl About Town".

I do three steps:

1. Line and fill in my lips with MAC's "Fuschia" lipliner.
2. Apply "Girl About Town" all over.
3. Add MAC's "Vino" lipliner to the corners of my mouth, to create some depth.

MAC's "Girl About Town" lipstick
(I am aware my lips look a bit lop-sided! haha)

Wow if I am going to be doing these LOTDs regularly maybe I should start waxing my bottom lip! I have some fuzz going on!! :)

What do you think? Have you tried "Girl About Town"???


  1. Girl about town is one of my favourite lippies ever. I cannot do red at all, so this is my substitute haha :)

  2. I've seen this around lately, and must admit it's a gorgeous color!

  3. I havent tried this colour but i did buy a psycho neon bright pink about three years ago from BarryM and i was wearing it for ages just with a nude face and black dress/jeans and people thought i was crazy but it looked incredible IMO. Im going to get it out now though after seeing this. Gloss is a dead bitch. Sticks forever!!!!

  4. Elly - I can wear red, but for some reason I feel much more comfortable wearing bright pinks! I just ordered Candy Yum Yum.. I'm thinking it will be sort of similar to Girl About Town but matte. I can't wait to do a LOTD with it!

    Kim - Girl About Town is pretty popular. I think it suits a lot of skin types, you should try it out!

    haha Lianne "Gloss is a dead bitch." So funny!


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