Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MAC Master Class!!

Earlier this week I attended a MAC Master Class focused on bridal makeup. The presenter was Jane McKay, a Senior Artist from Toronto, Ontario. She talked about everything from how to cultivate a clientele, to when she did Snooki's makeup for a recent event! Jane also showed how to do two different bridal makeup looks on a couple of the girls who worked at the MAC store.

Some of the products Jane used in her tutorials.
What I really liked about the class was all the information we learned about different MAC products. Jane talked about some key products she likes to keep in her kit, and who they are best suited for. For example MAC Strobe Cream: great for mature skin and dull winter skin, NOT good for dark skin tones or oily skin.

Jane McKay explaining why she used a certain foundation shade on the model.
It was great getting some tips on products that beautifully compliment dark skin tones. I have never gotten to experiment with makeup on anyone with darker skin, so it was especially nice to see what Jane recommended!

The two beautiful MAC girls who modeled for us!
A few products Jane used:

Model on the left: Strobe Cream, Studio Sculpt Foundation, Greensmoke e/s on the lid, Mulch e/s to blend into the crease, Espresso e/s to fill in the brows, Silver Dusk Loose Powder as a brow and cheek highlight, and Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink.
Model on the right: Studio Sculpt Foundation, Amberlights e/s on the inner half of the lid, Espresso e/s on the outer part of the lid and into the crease, "Eye Brows" Pencil on Spiked, Golden Bronze Loose Powder as a cheek highlight, and Tinted Lip Conditioner in Soothing Beige.

Just a picture of people milling about after the presentation.

All-in-all I had a really great time at the class! And I came away with some awesome goodies too ;)

HAUL to come!!



  1. Just curiosity, was the master class expensive??
    I'm following you
    C ya

  2. HEllo!!
    I would really love to attend a Mac Masterclass someday, it must have been really useful!!
    LOts f love from a new follower here,

  3. Ester - The class I attended was $100..but the great thing is that it is fully redeemable in product. Basically when you go to the class you get a $100 gift card to spend that day, or whenever you want! However, you do have to be a part of MACPro to attend the classes.

    Catanya - It was great! I really did learn a lot about different products that I have never used before :)

  4. I wish i could attend a class but i never seem to have money when they are been offered


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