Tuesday, March 22, 2011

'Tiny Sephora, YSL, NARS HAUL'

I don't know what I would do if I did not have Sephora in my life. That store is seriously chuck-full of amazing brands and products. AMAZING I tell you!! I picked up 3 things the last time I was there...

NARS eyeshadow duo in "Sugarland" ($33)
YSL Rouge Volupte #1 "Nude Beige" ($34)
YSL #1, Sugarland duo
I absolutely love this YSL lipstick. It feels much like the MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks, very creamy and glossy. However, I wouldn't describe it as a nude beige, as there is quite a bit of pink in it!
Sugarland is a great duo by NARS. I love how the purple/lavender color has an apricot sheen that matches the other shade in the duo. You can really see the sheen in the picture of the duo!
I haven't tried the nail polish yet. It is Sephora by OPI in "Already Famous" ($9.50). This one will probably be in my next NOTD, you will be able to get a better look at it then!

Do you have any of these products?? What do you think of them?!



  1. I love the look of the YSL lipstick haven't tried it yet though X

  2. we don't have a sephora over here : ( probs a good thing though as i'd spend my wages as soon as i got them.


  3. - YSL lippies are amazing! You must give them a try!
    Eloise, it might be a good idea for me to move where you are I think ;)

  4. OMG Nude Beige is super gorgeous!

  5. Greath haul!
    I have Nude Beige and I absolutely love it! It's definitely one of my all time favorite lipsticks! =D
    Sugarland is also gorgeous, but I don't really love the texture of the golden shade, therefore I rarely reach for this duo in my stash... The purple is lovely, though!

    Enjoy your goodies!

    Andrée xx

  6. that ysl lipstick is gorgeous!


  7. Love the YSL lipstick,
    and I've always wanted to give NARS a try.. my friend won't use any other bronzer, it's next on my list to try! I love the eyeshadow's though, really cute shades

    F xoxo

  8. Faye - Lots of people really like the bronzers! I used to have Laguna but found that it didn't show up enough in the summer so I sold it. I've been wanting to try Casino though!!

  9. LOVE that lipstick color, its beautiful!


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