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Whenever I go someplace that sells NARS, I always find myself drawn to the eye shadows..especially the duos! Under the bright lights of the makeup counter they just look so sparkly and gorgeous! I often end up swatching the same shadows over and over again at the store, and half the time I realize I already have them at home... So why don't I ever use them?!

When I put on my makeup I find that I usually only use the products that are right out in front of me. If a shadow is in it's own little container and tucked away in a drawer, I tend to forget about it. What a shame!
So (even though I love NARS's packaging) I decided to depot all of my NARS eye shadows and stick them into one of my empty MAC palettes. Problem solved =)

I also take the sticker from the back and tape it up onto the top of the palette. That way I don't forget the names of the duos when I go to repurchase, or recommend them!

I thought I would swatch and do a little review of the duos I currently own as well!
LEFT "Kuala Lumpur", RIGHT "Sugarland"
Kuala Lumpur... The first shadow is described as a "rose gold". Now, I wouldn't describe it as rose gold but a very pretty light pink that shimmers with a champagne gold. The consistency is amazing and reminds me of an Urban Decay shadow, very buttery and soft!...... The second shadow in this duo is described as a "boysenberry infused with gold" which is exactly what it is. However, the consistency of this shade is not nearly as nice as the other. There is much more fallout and it is just not as nice to blend. But still a great color!
Sugarland... The first shadow is a "glimmering apricot" and very pretty at that. However, the consistency on this one also isn't quite the best. Fallout is again an issue. It is best used just patted on the eye with a stiff brush....... The second shadow is SO GORGEOUS :) a " lavender pink with golden sheen" is totally right! Such a pretty color that really cannot be captured with a photo. Go check it out for yourself!

LEFT "Cordura", RIGHT "Rajasthan"
Cordura... The first shadow a "shimmering warm rich brown". It doesn't look super great in the swatch, and requires a bit of blending on the eye but is a very nice and wearable dark warm brown. It also has subtle specks of gold that aren't really picked up in the picture!........ And the second shadow is a "shimmering dark brown" VERY pretty and dramatic. This brown is also on the warm side, and once again the picture isn't doing it justice! It is chuck full of small gold sparkles.  Both of these shadows are beautiful colors and I definitely recommend this duo to anyone looking for an alternative to black eyeshadow!!
Rajasthan... This is my favorite duo. It was limited edition and is no longer available on NARS's website or Sephora's. But it may still be available on other websites, I'm just not sure where! The first shade is a high-sheen antiqued gold-y/bronze/ lt.brown color..good description right?! haha Very buttery and easy to work with. The second color is AMAZING. I would describe it as a peacock color =) It is a very dark blue/teal color with a duochrome that reflects a blue-purple-green. So so pretty in person!

Scorching Sun... No up close pic of this one but it has a "glazed apricot" shade and a "orange sheen" shade. Very pretty oranges if you are looking for some different colors to add into your collection. I like to wear these together for a bold eye or lightly add into a bronze/brown eye to add some depth.
Wicked... In the first pic where you see how I store my NARS eye shadows you can see this duo. I purchased it when Sephora two different NARS duos for $10. This duo has two green shades, and is now discontinued, for good reason! TERRIBLE terrible duo. 'Nuff said.

NARS has some amazing eye shadows. I've found the consistency a bit hit-or-miss, at $33 per duo I would suggest checking them out at the store before you purchase anything. The shades are gorgeous and really cannot be shown to their full splendor in pictures and swatches!!!

Do you ever forget about the makeup that you have?? What are your favorite NARS eye shadows? Share below!!



  1. I've never tried nars, do you prefer them to mac? Really want to try one of their lipglosses

  2. Eloise - Overall I prefer MAC shadows because of their vast color range and the reasonable price. However, NARS really does have some amazing sparkly shades that MAC can't dupe! If you have never tried them you really should go to a store and check them out.. I KNOW you will find at least one special shadow that you need to splurge on =)
    As for the lipglosses I have only tried 2, and I got them as a free sample so the colors weren't my favorite. I also wasn't crazy about the formula or smell of them either.. But I still want to check out some of the more popular shades that everyone raves about! Let me know if you end up trying any of the glosses!!

  3. LOVE all those colors! Very pretty =)

    I just started following your blog would love if you would come check mine out and follow =)

  4. Your blog is really cute, I'm totally following! You buy some really great stuff

  5. So I broke my nars duo, but only the mirror. So I had to depot it, and now have no where to put my beautiful shadows :( Do you still have an empty you would be willing to part with? I would pay you using paypal for shipping and extra !


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