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'Review: Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation SPF 20'...UPDATED

I have been meaning to do this review for ages now! To try and help give you a better idea of what the Vichy Dermablend foundation is like, I will be comparing it to Estee Lauder's Doublewear Foundation a bit. I know lots of you have tried that one out, so hopefully it will be helpful!!

Let me just start out by saying that Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation is my HOLY GRAIL foundation. So yes, this will be a mostly positive review =)

Okay, here we go!

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation SPF 20

Coverage... This is definitely a full coverage foundation. I find it to be a more full cover than Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation (let's call it DW!), but pretty comparable. One big advantage I have found with the Vichy Dermablend is that it can be built up without looking too cakey. In my experience Estee Lauder DW can cake up extremely easily if you try and layer it!!

Wear Time... This foundation lasts ALL day long! If during the day I feel like I need my foundation touched up at all, I simply get a bit of product on my fingers and rub it into the area where I need it. Like I said before this foundation is buildable, so adding a bit more foundation during the day on top of what you originally applied will still look amazing! 

***One of my favorite things about Vichy Dermablend is that I can keep a tube in my purse and slap more on whenever I feel like it!***

Color Range... I would say this is the biggest downfall of the Vichy Dermablend foundation. There are only 4 shades available: Opal 15, Nude 25, Sand 35 and Gold 45. Mixing the colors will probably be a must for most people.

I have both Opal and Nude, and have included swatches below next to DW in the shade Fresco 2N, just for a bit of a reference!

left to right: Vichy Dermablend in "Opal 15", "Nude 25", Estee Lauder Doublewear in "Fresco 2N"
left to right: Vichy Dermablend in "Opal 15", "Nude 25", Estee Lauder Doublewear in "Fresco 2N"

Consistency... This foundation is quite a bit thicker than the DW. But a little goes a long way!

Ease of Application... Unlike DW, the Vichy Dermablend sets pretty quickly, so I recommend to apply it to only one part of your face at a time. I have found using your fingers works better than a brush. The warmth of your fingers helps the foundation to glide over your skin with ease and makes it go a lot farther. Because it goes farther with your fingers, this also helps you use less product  =)

Skin Type!!... Ok I totally forgot about this category when I initially wrote this, so thanks for reminding me ladies! =) 
Normal/Dry - I first started using this in the winter, when I had normal/dry skin. It does tend to cling to dry flecks, so moisturizing is a must. I like to use moisturizer about 5-10 minutes before I apply this foundation, just so it has time to sink into my skin. When my skin is more on the dry side, I don't find the need to set the foundation with any powder. YAY! haha
Normal/Combination - In the summer when my skin is normal/combination I find the Vichy Dermablend works really well for me. You could probably get away without powdering after application, but I like to just to ensure long wear!
Oily Skin - I never really have oily skin so I can't speak on that, but seeing how it works on combination skin I would think it would be worth trying =)

Cost & Availability... Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation is available in America, Europe and Asia. In the U.S. it is $29.50, and it contains 1.0 fl. Not too bad if you ask me!! =)
I have heard that some CVS drugstores carry Vichy Dermablend, but I just order mine here on The free shipping and samples from the website are a great plus too!

 *** (WARNING: There are 2 similar foundations at drugstores... Dermablend, and VICHY Dermablend. They are not the same so make sure you get the VICHY!)  ***

Ok that's it for my review, congrats if you made it through the whole thing without falling asleep ;)

Any questions, let me know!!! Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts on it??




  1. i heard great things about dermablend

  2. I'd love to give this one a go, but the shades don't match me! Such a shame. I hope they bring out more! Is the DW still worth getting do you think as an alternative? x

  3. Betzy, you have got to try it!

    MakeupTheNight, I think DW is definitely worth a go! If you go to any Estee Lauder counter they will be more than happy to color match you and give you a sample. Their samples are 10-day supplies so you can get a good idea if it will work for you before you purchase =)

  4. hey girl can you please try to do a review on the pigments with swatches for me before saturday morning?

  5. I loved this post! Really helpful..

    If you follow me on twitter you'd know that I've recently purchased this foundation when I went on my trip to portugal as they don't sell it here in Dubai.. And I love it.. It makes Estee Lauder DW seem like a medium coverage foundation..

    Luckily I picked the right colour for me as they didn't have testers at the pharmacy.. I wear the shade 35-Sand.. And you're right.. A little goes a LONG way!

    Only issue I have with this is that it does cling to dryness so I gotta make sure my skin is FULLY hydrated.. But overall, an amazing foundation!

    Thank you for this review!

  6. I'm glad you like the review =) I should've added a note about skin types though, thanks for reminding me! It does cling to dryness a bit.

  7. Skin type is must for this because I'm intriqued about the product, especially because of the word "corrective" in the name. lol I'm having THE worst time adapting to humid weather when it comes to skin versus make up. Breakouts galore!

    I'm hunting down so many reviews for good foundations now lol


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