Friday, June 24, 2011

'Bellepierre Pigment Swatches: on HauteLook NOW!'

Bellepierre Cosmetics are on sale NOW on I bought this set a few months ago and was requested to show some swatches and do a mini review on what I think of them! I hope this helps anyone who is considering trying them out =)

Bellepierre Cosmetics Shimmer Collection 9-stack
Keep reading for my review and swatches!

Bellepierre Cosmetics Shimmer Collection 9-stack Pigments in "BELLA"... I think these pigments are a great deal! I wasn't too impressed with the texture of 3 of them, but regardless the price is worth it just for the other 6!

The colors I wasn't really impressed with are:

 - The 4th from the left which is very similar to MAC's Blue Brown Pigment... a brownish pigment with a blue/green duochrome. Really I find this one to be rubbish!
 - The far right red/rust shade... the texture just isn't amazing. It needs to be packed on a bit more than the others. But it's still totally usable!
 - The matte black pigment swatched on the bottom. Again, it needs to be packed on to be opaque. I can see this one coming out patchy looking very easily!

However, the rest of the pigments are awesome!! Such wearable colors =)  I know you can't really see the white swatched below the black, but it's pretty great.. sort of has a satin finish. It looks amazing on the inner corner of your eye!

Has anyone else tried out these pigments, or any other Bellepierre products? Share below!!



  1. YES I have! I have mine in Serenity which mostly neutrals.. I have completely forgotten about these babies.. your post just reminded me of them! I'm so busting them out tomorrow..

    Thanks hun =)

  2. I've never tried them but the 3rd from the left (purpley one) looks really pretty. How do they last throughout the day?

  3. The golds look lush. I'm a bit reluctant to use pigments though, especially metallics, as the flecks irritate my contacts after a while


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