Saturday, June 18, 2011

'Chicago Sephora Goodies!'

While I was in Chicago the past week, I couldn't help but make a quick stop in Sephora and pick up a few things... =)

Sephora Haul
I legitimately needed another bottle of my St. Tropez self tan! Ahhh to be tan again ;)

Ok, on to Dior...

Dior Shine Lipstick #465 "Singuliere"
Dior Shine Lipstick #465 "Singuliere"

I love this lippie!! It's just a nice sheer (buildable) pink. That's it!

Sephora by OPI "Safari luxe" mini nail poish set

I have yet to try out any of these shades, but you will be the first to know when I do!! They are all a bit deeper in color than the picture is showing, the first is more khaki looking etc.

Have you found anything good in Sephora lately?!



  1. gah we don't have them in the uk! This is probably a good thing though as I'd never have any money


  2. Great haul, especially loving the manis. We don't have sephora here in australia, grrr... but when I was in europe last year I think I went into every single sephora store i saw and hauled like crazy. if only sephora would get their act together and either come to AU or at least ship to AU.

  3. That Dior lipstick looks divine... :)

  4. Lovely haul <3 I have that lipstick too and it's absolutely amazing!

  5. I wish we had Sephora in my country...

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  6. great colours in that mini safari set. My last purchase from Sephora was from Lavanilla- The Healthy Sunscreen.. which has been great thus far! Thanks for sharing your haul :)

  7. those polishes are so beautiful

  8. very pretty :) loving your blog!!!!!!!!!!

    from your newest follower!

    please follow me back :)

  9. Great haul! I haven't shopped at Sephora in a while.


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  10. That dior looks amazing! and love your picture with the candy lips!!


I always love reading your comments!!

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