Monday, June 13, 2011

'MAC Goodies (Surf Baby! & more)'

I have been meaning to get this post up for a couple weeks now... I could use the excuse of being super busy, or that I was out of town for almost a week (because I was both) but let's be honest, I just haven't felt like it =) However, I am back from my short holiday and ready to dive back into our wonderful blog world!
MAC Haul

Cheek products...

MAC Surf Baby! My Paradise Cheek Powder

This picture (FOR ONCE!) is really true to color. Obviously the gold is just an over-spray, but you can see that there are very small shimmers in the powder itself as well. I know the Surf Baby! collection is old news now, so that's all I will talk about it ;)

Up and onward!!
MAC Cremeblend Blush: (bottom) "So Sweet, So Easy",  (top) "Posey"

This is the beginning of my "cream" blush palette =) I also have Ladyblush, and have swatched it along with the others below.

left to right: MAC Cremeblend Blush in "So Sweet, So Easy", "Posey", "Ladyblush"

left to right: MAC Cremeblend Blush in "So Sweet, So Easy", "Posey", "Ladyblush"

LIP Products:

MAC Lipsticks (left to right): "Creme Cup", "Chatterbox", "Full Speed"

MAC Lipsticks (left to right)"Creme Cup", "Chatterbox", "Full Speed"
(on top) MAC Lip Erase

MAC Lipsticks (left to right)"Creme Cup", "Chatterbox", "Full Speed"
(on top) MAC Lip Erase

MAC Lip Erase
I think MAC Lip Erase warrants its own post... for now let's just say I have a new love :) 

MAC Prep + Prime Lip
Fatima Thomas, a MAC Senior Artist, raved about this product at a class I attended few weeks back. So I'm trying it out!

EYE Products:
MAC Eye Shadow in "Satellite Dreams
MAC Eye Shadow in "Paradisco"
MAC Eye Shadow in "Vapour"
I have been wearing Vapour about every single day since I received it in the post. It is amazing for brightening up your inner eye! It pairs beautifully with Paradisco too! The picture below really doesn't do Vapour justice.

MAC Eye Shadows in "Satellite Dreams", "Vapour", "Paradisco"

That's all folks!!!

Have you tried any of these?? Do you like them/not like them?



  1. I love all your MAC stuff super jealous! Can't wait to see your reviews on the new goods. I am always picking up MAC stuff somehow I missed that Lip Erase eheh

  2. great haul! creme cup and paradisco look so pretty!!

  3. Great picks!
    Ladyblush and Creme Cup are some of my favourites that I use all the time! I'm keen to hear what you think of Lip Erase! I've been wondering if I should get it. xx

  4. Blush My Paradise, I love it <3


I always love reading your comments!!

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