Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette & NAKED Palette Comparisons!'

Of course as soon as I got the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette I wanted to swatch the neutrals next to those in the NAKED palette. So here are my findings...

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary & NAKED Palette COMPARISONS
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary & NAKED Palette COMPARISONS

Read on to see the break-down...

Here's a picture of the 15th Anniversary Palette, and the NAKED Palette to refer back to =)

On to the up close swatch comparisons...

left to right: Midnight Rodeo, Sidecar, Deeper, Smog
Midnight Rodeo (15th) and Sidecar (NAKED) are very very similar colors, but Midnight Rodeo has large gold sparkles in it! However, they do tend to cause some fall-out.

Deeper (15th) is "deeper" than Smog (NAKED)... haha Yep I said it ;)  But seriously, Deeper leans more brown while Smog has a more bronze look.

left to right: Midnight 15, Sin, M.I.A., Hustle
Midnight 15 (15th) is much more of a champagne whereas Sin (NAKED) has a more pinky color. However, their finish and sheen are identical!

M.I.A. (15th) is very nicely pigmented which is definitely a contrast to Hustle (NAKED). Hustle also leans toward being a red-toned almost purple-y brown, where M.I.A. almost has a touch of a gold sheen.

left to right: ACE, Gunmetal, Flow, Sin
ACE (15th) and Gunmetal (NAKED) are similar in color but different in every other aspect! ACE is incredibly pigmented and has a subtle sheen. Gunmetal is rather poorly pigmented and has a much more obvious silvery sheen.

Flow (15th) and Sin (NAKED) are similar but different shades. Flow is definitely a peach color while Sin is more pink. Both would be gorgeous highlights =)

left to right: Chase, Half-Baked
Chase (15th) really can't be duped by the NAKED palette, but I tried! It is swatched here with Half-Baked (NAKED) and you can definitely see the difference. They are similar in texture and finish, but Chase is really a more gold/bronze where Half-Baked is a very true gold.

SUMMARY: All of the eye shadows in the 15th Anniversary Palette are Limited Edition, so obviously none of the shades in the NAKED palette are exact dupe. You can see that 6 of the colors in the 15th palette and NAKED palette are fairly similar, but that's only about 1/3 of the shadows in the 15th palette... and there are so many more colors to play with!!

I hope you found this helpful!



  1. I so want the anniversary palette! Looks so pretty!

  2. Such gorgeousssss palettes!!!

    XOXO, CC



  3. Great colors ... I like your blog :)
    Follow each other?


  4. I really need to get this Naked Palette! It has the most gorgeous colours!


  5. The 15th Anniversary Palette looks so beautiful. I love the NAKED palette as well :)

    Love Christine ♥

  6. they are somewhat similar but still worth getting

  7. Can't wait for this to come out in Ireland, will have to wait until mid August :(

  8. Nice review! I love my UD15 palette!

    I just did a look today
    you can check it out on my blog



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