Monday, July 18, 2011

Let's talk brushes: Real Techniques...

Have you ever taken a step back, looked at your makeup collection, and realized you were in a makeup rut?? Well that's how I am with brushes!! I realized LITERALLY every brush I own is by MAC. I swear I didn't do it on purpose! haha  MAC has quality brushes, is easily accessible to me, and is right at my price point (with my discount!)... So it just happened!

When Samantha Chapman (of Pixiwoo) designed a brush line I knew things were about to change with my brush collection =) Coming from one of the Chapman sisters meant I had high expectations, and I was not disappointed!!

Here are the 2 I have picked up so far...

Real Techniques: Shading brush, Foundation brush

Read on for more photos and my thoughts on them!

Real Techniques: Foundation brush, Shading brush

Real Techniques Foundation brush... I wanted to try this one out because it's a bit different than your classic foundation brush. The angle of the brush makes it perfect for those hard to reach places like the sides of your nose. I also love the thickness of this brush which you can see in the picture below. No streaky foundation here =)

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman: Foundation brush

left: MAC 239 brush, right: Real Techniques Shading Brush

Real Techniques Shading brush... I love this little guy! It is pictured above next to the MAC 239 brush. I use my 239 all the time for packing on shadows, pigments or glitter, and also shading underneath the eye. The Real Techniques Shading Brush feels a bit more dense, and a bit fluffier as well. You can see from the side view below, that the RT Shading Brush is thicker than the 239...

left: MAC 239 brushright: Real Techniques Shading Brush

I have found the RT brush to be much better in blending out harsh lines. If I use it to pack on a shadow, it's also quite easy to use the same brush to blend  it out a bit. The 239 is pretty much rubbish for blending anything out!

Summary: Both brushes are so soft and a great value for your money! The Foundation Brush is angled which makes it great for getting around smaller areas like the nose, and the thicker design makes for less streaking than a traditional foundation brush. The Shading Brush is great for packing on your eye shadows as well as blending in smaller, harder to reach areas like under the eye!

= A+

Have you used Real Technique brushes??




  1. i haven't tried those brushes but that foundation brush looks so interesting. I've recently been using the flat top brush by sonia kashuk for foundation and I love it :)

  2. The Real Techniques brushes look so good, I love their colourful handles which makes them stand out a bit among make up brushes :)
    xxx Kat

  3. Mavi, I normally use a flat top brush for my foundation also! I find I like having the option of applying it with a more traditional brush as well.. I'm starting to like it!

    Kat, I really do love these brushes. If you look at Real Techniques has a few kits with multiple brushes for an amazing deal. =)

  4. I only have the stippling brush and i learn to like it:)

  5. i want to try this brushes so bad i only use mac and sigma and to be honest my favorites are sigma brushes have u try sigma brushes?


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