Friday, February 11, 2011

New Summer Shades!

With each change of season I believe there are certain items a girl is allowed to buy herself. For summer (and spring I suppose) these items include a swimsuit, a summer handbag, and sunglasses. I mean, these are things that we don't just want, we NEED them ;)

My first order of business is a pair of sunglasses. I would love to be able to shell out for a pair of designer sunglasses but lets face it, I can't! And this year I'm going for cat eye sunglasses which I may not wear a year or 2 from now. So they need to be cheap and cute! Here are my contenders:

These first two are from an ebay site called Neo Vision Eyewear. They are both between $7 and $8 dollars with shipping, sounds good to me! I'm undecided about the pair below, different but maybe too literally retro if you know what I mean.

Another pair that I love (can't post the picture because it's copyrighted) have a cute floral design on the frames. They are $9.99, or $15.99 including shipping. You can check them out here:

Let me know your opinions! Will you rock a new pair of sunglasses this summer?? Share below =)

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