Thursday, February 10, 2011

'INs & OUTs' to LIVE FOR


Studs – I’m tired of seeing clothing accessories and shoes covered in studs. Though there will always be a place for them, the over-use of studding has soured my taste for them altogether. What a shame!

White watches- Is there a girl you HAVEN’T seen rocking a white watch? ‘Nuff said.

Moving- And everything that goes along with it!

Cold weather!

Dry skin- Since moving to MN my skin has gotten so dry! I swear nothing I try has been able to get rid of it.


Alexander McQueen- further post to come =)

Cat eye sunglasses- Chanel, Tom Ford, McQueen, OH MY!

Platform wedges- I recently heard someone say that the platform is “out”…….. umm… screw you =) The higher the better!!!

The hunt for the perfect spring/summer handbag- I don't even know where to start, now that's a first.
Alexander McQueen bird skull ring $295,

What are your INs & OUTs??


  1. I think the moving process is ALWAYS an out! lol I moved from Alberta, Canada to Texas 8 years ago. Yikes!

    And even down in Texas my skin is SUPPPPER dry. You can't escape it anywhere. Lol

  2. Barbie - I think I may have found a moisturizer that finally works for me! If you have dry skin also you might want to try it too.. I'll do a post in a few weeks on what it is if it keeps working.


  3. If you love that Alexander McQueen ring then you'll LOVE this little website I came across through a blog...

    There soo reasonably priced with beautiful designs, I want everything!!

    Let me know what you think and what you like :)

    and check out my blog



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