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Current Favorite - FOUNDATIONS...

Lately I haven't been blogging much... I've just gotten a bit bored of it all. So to mix things up a bit I have decided to do some "Current Favorite" posts on different categories of cosmetics. I purchase quite a bit of makeup and hardly ever talk about them after I've shown them in my hauls, so now these posts will be a chance for me to show you guys what I have really  been liking from my purchases! Hope you enjoy =)

So I have been trying out quite a few new foundations the past few months in preparation for my upcoming wedding, and I thought I'd share a quick overview on my thoughts of them, as well as swatches! I've selected 4 that are my current favorites at the moment...

left to right: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation, YSL Teint Resist Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, VICHY Dermablend Corrective Foundation.
MY SKIN: My skin is normal/combination, leaning towards the dry side lately. I have pigmentation problems, as well as the occasional breakout. Usually I like full coverage foundations, but when my skin is "good" I will use medium coverage buildable foundations.

Read more for my mini-reviews and swatches!

left to right: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation, YSL Teint Resist Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, VICHY Dermablend Corrective Foundation.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in No. 7... This is one of the newer foundations I have been trying, and I really have been enjoying it. (I will spare you the details like ingredients and the official descriptions of all of these!) Skin Base is a medium to full coverage foundation. The finish is beautiful and gives your skin a "natural" look. In the first swatch below you will be able to sort of see the consistency (it isn't dripping). I don't find it too thick or too thin, and I have found that applying it with a brush or your fingers both work well. This foundation lasts a good 8 hours on my normal/combo skin. I do like to set my T-zone with a powder, but I don't think it's really necessary.

**The thing I like most about Skin Base is that it has medium coverage but can be built up without looking cakey. I have even purchased the white shade of this foundation to mix with other foundations that are too dark for me at the moment.

left to right: Illamasqua in #7, YSL in #5, MAC in NW15, VICHY Dermablend in 15 Opal

YSL Teint Resist Foundation in #5... This is another of the newer foundations that I have been really liking. I can see myself purchasing this over and over again. This foundation does have a smell. I've heard people say it smells rosy like Chanel products (which I really don't like) but I find it smells quite fresh, which I love! Teint Resist has a medium coverage and is also buildable. The finish is natural like Skin Base, but it has more of a matte finish. When it dries it looks and feels like nothing is there! I think this foundation would be great for people with normal to oily skin. Powdering isn't necessary with this foundation. Applying this with your fingers will give less coverage, and applying with a brush will provide more coverage, just depends what you are going for! I like to use a dense kabuki brush.

**The thing I like most about Teint Resist is the finish. It's SO natural, my fiance doesn't even know I'm wearing makeup when I wear this! And I'll admit I don't tell him I am... =)

left to right: Illamasqua in #7, YSL in #5, MAC in NW15, VICHY Dermablend in 15 Opal 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NW15... I'll say right off the bat that I don't like this foundation on it's own. It is a VERY full coverage and can tend to look cakey on the skin if you apply too much. That being said, it's perfect when mixed with YSL Teint Resist!! Like I said earlier, I like full coverage foundation when my skin isn't looking great, or when I just want a super flawless face. So the YSL foundation doesn't always cut it by itself. One day I mixed the two foundations and it has become a favorite of mine! The mixture gives me full coverage and a really nice finish. This may be what I wear on my wedding day... it's June 16th so I will let you know shortly what I end up wearing and share some pics!

left to right: Illamasqua in #7, YSL #5 and MAC NW15 mixed, Vichy Dermablend in 15 Opal

Vichy Dermablend in 15 Opal... I own this foundation in 15 Opal as well as 25 Nude. I've already done a review with swatches on this foundation so I will link it HERE. This is a staple in my makeup collection!

So, what is your current favorite foundation?! Let me know below, I love trying your recommendations!



  1. I have only tried the studio fix but i hate how it creases on me

    1. Yeah it can crease and look cakey.. you should try mixing it with another foundation that has less coverage, you might like it!

  2. I have studio fix and I love the finish when I use a very small amount, but I can't stand the smell


  3. Based on your swatches I'd like to try the Dermablend foundation.. I like the way the consistency looks and I love full coverage. I really like the Dermablend Cover Creme but I have to stop using it in the warmer months because I get way too oily (and it's hot here like 10 months out of the year lol).

    1. It's definitely an amazing foundation, one that I will re-purchase again and again. I've also used Dermablend mixed with other less-coverage foundations and it's really great. =)

  4. I have tried so many "designer" foundations (Chanel, Make Up For Ever, Dior, etc.), but I find that Maybelline's mousse foundation wears the best on me. Crazy, right? It lasts forever!
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