Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'HAUL China Glaze: Hunger Games'...

Okay, so I know the web is full of swatches of these polishes... but on the off-chance that you haven't checked them out yet, here are the shades I purchased!!!!

China Glaze Hunger Games Collection: "Smoke and Ashes", "Riveting", "Electrify", "Fast Track", "Luxe and Lush"
Read more for close up pictures!!

China Glaze Hunger Games Collection: "Smoke and Ashes
Smoke and Ashes... This is one of the two polishes that I have already tried out. It applies really nicely and in 1 thicker coat it will be totally opaque! However, the green-y/blue shimmers really aren't very apparent when it's on your nails.. maybe with more coats it would be?

China Glaze Hunger Games Collection: "Riveting
China Glaze Hunger Games Collection: "Electrify
China Glaze Hunger Games Collection: "Fast Track
China Glaze Hunger Games Collection: "Luxe and Lush
Luxe and Lush... This is the other polish I have tried. A tip from my experience - don't try to hard to get the flecks on every spot on your nail.. when you start dabbing it on the nail to add additional flecks it can get a bit goopy looking! At least it did on me :(
Other than that I love this!! I found that very often the flecks appear sort of bronzy too!

So do you have any new nail polishes?! I also bought a few from the drugstore that I will post about soon =)



  1. Ohhhh I think I need fast track and luxe and lush! Those look fun!

    1. Fast Track really is gorgeous.. my bestie used it yesterday and it looked awesome. I should've taken a picture of her nails! lol

  2. Gah, I want so many from this collection. I've hauled a ton of new polishes lately, including some KleanColor that I got to try for the first time! Gotta get around to posting ;p

    1. Yay I'm excited to see them!! I haven't heard of that brand before, but I'm always up for finding out about new polishes ;)

  3. Such a gorgeous collection, I gotta have Luxe & Lush!


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