Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BEST Purchase EVER!!!

I don't know about you, but if I can't see my makeup, I don't use it. This especially applies to my NARS eye shadows. A while back I de-potted them and put them in an empty MAC palette I had.... That didn't work. I STILL couldn't see the shadows and always forgot about them!!! So I finally paid the $20 and bought a Z Palette =)    BEST. PURCHASE. EVER.

After it came in the mail I immediately bought 2 more. Check it!

Z Palette

The Z Palette fits a few more eye shadows than a MAC palette does, even when you take out the separator. The shadows just fit perfectly in nice straight lines..........OCD anyone?

Z Palette with MAC eye shadows
I have most of my MAC shadows in this palette now, with the exception of some brights...

Z Palette with MAC bright eye shadows & pressed pigments
Here are my brights on the right, and pressed pigments on the left.  If you want to see how I pressed my pigments and the materials I used click HERE to go over to WitchHazel's blog where she did an amazing "How To!"

Z Palette with MUFE eye shadows & NARS eye shadow duos
And finally the Z Palette with my NARS eye shadow duos. I also placed my MUFE eye shadows in here as well, at least temporarily until I fill it up with NARS ;)

Pretty awesome, huh? If I really end up utilizing my NARS shadows again I think I'm going to "reward" myself by getting a few new duos =) lol  So I need to know...

What NARS duos are your fav?!?!?!



  1. Replies
    1. I was rather impressed :) I was afraid they would seem big and bulky but they really don't!

  2. I am the exact same way. If I don't see it, I don't usually remember that I have it, especially eyeshadows. I love the z palette, def have to invest in one.

    1. I will never go back! No more MAC palettes for me.. sorry MAC lol!

  3. I love my Z Palette, best investment ever!

  4. Thanks for the shout out girl! Jealous of your z-palettes, I need these in my life! xx

    1. I know, I just threw out 2 of my MAC palettes.. I thought about giving them away but they were pretty beat up! Z palettes are basically the shit if you ask me! =) haha

  5. I just bought my first Z-palette and depotted all of my NYX trios and did the same thing. Best purchase ever. Will definitely be buying more of these palettes :)

    1. Aren't they awesome?! I was thinking of depotting some of my Urban Decay shadows as well..


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