Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Usually I'm pretty loyal to my OPI polishes, but when I saw this Zoya shade in the store I knew I just had to have it!!! I seem to be getting a "thing" for this dark army green color..

Zoya "EDYTA" nail lacquer

Zoya "EDYTA" nail lacquer
I love that this polish has a very fine gold-ish shimmer (which you can't really see in these pictures) that adds dimension to the green. =)  What's your favorite Zoya polish?!

*OPI has come out with their own version of CND's Shellac, I believe it's called OPI Gel Polish or something.. anyway it's definitely something you can do at home yourself, would any of you be interested in a how to post and info on where to purchase the OPI Gel??? I just started doing it on my own nails instead of the OPI Axxium and it's a lot easier and faster.



  1. love it!!:)


  2. love your blog :):) check mine out some time!

  3. The colour is so pretty! I actually don't own any Zoya nail polishes yet, but I really need to go check them out.



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