Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Wish List 2012!!

Yay first post of the new year!! I'm trying really hard not to make any resolutions (I always break them anyway!) but I do see the gym calling my name.. toning up is definitely called for as my wedding is fast approaching! Another thing that I really need to get on is finding a foundation for the big day. In the next few months I will be trying out as many as I can! What are your favorite foundations, and why? Share below!!

Okay, on to my Wish List post...

First up, one of the foundations I want to try out.
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
No particular reason why I want to try this foundation.. I think I've heard Lisa (Lisasz09 on youtube) say she likes it. Any thoughts??
Giorgio Armani 'Eyes to Kill' Intense Silk Eyeshadow
Sticking with Giorgio Armani, I have been lusting over these eye shadows for ages! I think I'll be trying out #06 Khaki Pulse first. Link here!
Dior 5 Colour Palette in Couture Gold 554
Although I was definitely underwhelmed by the last Dior eyeshadow palette I purchased (link), I can't help but to want the Dior 5 Colour Palette in Couture Gold 554. How amazing are those colors?!

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Ready 8.0 Eyeshadow Palette in 02 The Playlist 
More shadow palettes, I know =) I have never tried any of the Bare Escentuals eyeshadows, but I have swatched this palette in Sephora and I'm pretty much in love with it! There is such a great variety of colors in this palette with amazing warm tones.

Aaaand a totally unrelated item...

White Label by SF Designs "Judy" bed
I feel like I have shown this before, but I want this bed frame and headboard. I need it. *sigh*

So, what have you been lusting over?? And what are your favorite foundations that I should try?!



  1. Dior quints are always such beauties, and i adore how buttery they are! I like Dior nude foundation too, it's so smooth and feels like second skin.

  2. Gah. SO many things I want lol. I think my top items right now are shadows from Inglot and my first YSL lipstick ;) I use a couple of different foundations; Dermablend (considered heavy coverage but can also be worn very lightly - love it! This is my favorite), Rimmel 25 hr, Maybelline Fit Me, MAC. I love that headboard/bed frame! I also need one very badly but haven't seen anything I've fallen in love with yet.

  3. Looks interesting. Let us know if you try it. XOXO

  4. Elly, what kind of coverage does the Dior nude foundation have?? I may need to try that one out!

    WitchHazel, I want to try out some Inglot shadows too! I wish someplace carried them in the U.S. so I could see and swatch them in person :/
    I have Vichy Dermablend and I'm a big fan. How do you apply it for a lighter coverage? I've found using my fingers works best but I was thinking of tryin out a beauty blender or damp sponge and seeing how that works out... hmmm :)

  5. There are two Inglots here in Vegas and I don't know why I haven't gone to check them out yet! I'm waiting for an actual visit to the store to buy their shadows because there are too many to choose from to just buy them online. Like you, I wanna swatch in person!

    When I use Dermablend I just apply it with a regular ol makeup sponge (the tear-away triangle kind) and then buff it out with stiff stippling brush or flat top kabuki. It really helps to give that "air brushed" kind of look, especially after you set it. I use the Cover Creme - because it's a solid I feel like you can really control the amount and the coverage. I even just use it as a concealer some times.

  6. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  7. Hi Bethany! I nominated you for the top 10 award on my blog! Please come grab your badge and pass it on!!

  8. Omgosh WitchHazel when you get a chance to go to Inglot and check stuff out you HAVE TO do a post about it!
    I'm going to try my Dermablend with a sponge soon.. we'll see how it goes =)

    Erica, thank you so much! I can't wait to do the post!!

  9. MMM... Fave foundation is totally Chanel aqua vita lumiere but its so darn expensive so i just usually wear Misha bb cream and if i know I'm going out then I will wear Chanel :)


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