Thursday, September 1, 2011

MAC Make Me Over & Permanent Products HAUL!

Initially I was thinking of purchasing 3 products from MAC's Make Me Over Collection, but only ended up with one aaaaand a bunch of other products from their permanent line.

MAC Haul
Keep reading for more pictures and swatches!

Might as well start with what you all probably want to see, what I got from the Make Me Over Collection.!

MAC Make Me Over "Avenue" Fluidline
MAC Avenue Fluidline...  I have used this eyeliner every single day since it came in the mail. I love it. It's such a rich beautiful dark brown! Someone would have to be rather close to notice the gold glitter, but I do think it adds something to the overall look of the liner.

left to right: "Avenue" Fluidline, "Vex" Eye Shadow
MAC Eye Shadow in Vex... This is one of those shadows that is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. It's a beige with a pink/gray/green pearl. So complex and so amazing!! This must be swatched in person :)

left to right: MAC Lipstick in "Hug Me", and "Shy Girl"
MAC Lipsticks in "Hug Me" and "Shy Girl"... Hug Me is a flesh pink, and is almost the exact same color as my natural lip. It's a lustre finish so it's super easy to just slap on when you are on the go. I was surprised how moisturizing it feels! Shy Girl is a creamy neutral coral beige. I love the cremesheen formula! This is my version of a "nude" since lippies like Hue and Creme d' Nude just wash me out a bit too much.

Note: At the moment my hands are about a NW-20 =)

left to right: MAC Lipsticks in "Hug Me" and "Shy Girl"
bottom: MAC Lip Pencil in "Soar"

MAC Lip Pencil in Soar... I have yet to use this liner, but it was recommended by a friend!

I also purchased a brow gel (I somehow lost mine in the move!), a cremeblend blush, and a cream colour base. Swatches will be in the next post along with comparison swatches of more MAC cremeblend blushes and cream colour base shades!!

So, are you planning/have you picked up anything from Make Me Over??



  1. Avenue looks gorgeous! Can't wait til this collection somes to Australia.

  2. Oh you got two of my FAVOURITE lipsticks by mac. Great haul.. enjoy!!

  3. I'm still deciding if I 'need' avenue or not :) I've got an order coming today so hopefully that will keep my occupied haha xxx

  4. Nice Haul! I love shy girl its one of my favs. :D

  5. great haul, i love shy girl :)


  6. Great haul :)
    xo Jenn

  7. The lipsticks are gorgeous!

  8. love those lippys!
    the swatches are awsome!

    <3 BB

  9. i miss the days when i would spend all my money on makeup:)

  10. I recently got Shy Girl but I'm still unsure if it really suits me...

  11. I love fluidline, best stuff ever made! I am so jealous of you! I love mac lipstick! I wish I had more!

  12. Tali, I can't believe I didn't get these lippies sooner!!

    Adrienne, if you love fluidline then you NEED Avenue! lol I've really been getting tons of use out of it.

    Gaby, I sometimes feel a bit strange wearing a lighter nude lip.. I find I like it better on myself if I balance it out with a darker eye :)

    Thanks for all the comments loves!!

  13. I don't think I'm picking up anything from this collection but those two shades of lipstick are sooo gorgeous.. I'm trying to resist the urge to go over to the site right now and get Shy Girl while there's free shipping.

  14. Loving the colors!

    original number. x

  15. I have always wanted " Shy girl" by Mac. Looks like an excellent everyday lipstick. Let us know how do you like it so far! I was also wondering if you could make a post of your favourite blushes of all time. I am willing to try new ones and was curious your picks :)
    Very best,


  16. ah! i want it, i want it, i want itttttttt.

    love, rach.

  17. Hey! I just gave you an award on my blog. You can check it out here:

  18. I've never used Mac before, I know crazy right!?
    I may have to try it out soon, thanks for your reviews!!

  19. wow... nice haul. would love to be able to get that much mac makeup in one haul, but it's super expensive here in australia.... i followed you darling !


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