Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's talk brushes: That Sigma thing...

Yes, Sigma is ALL OVER blogger and youtube, and I for one did not buy into the hype. To be quite honest I think it was all the hype surrounding Sigma that turned me off the brand. I'm perfectly happy with my MAC brushes and I'm perfectly happy with the price of them.

Well, unfortunately MAC does not make a flat top kabuki brush for applying foundation. Wtf? MAC needs to get on that! Way back in the day they made one, which I have (the 180 I think??), but I was in desperate need of another!

So I sucked it up and ordered the darn Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80 from Sigma. ;) Of course I picked up a couple other brushes too just to make paying shipping worth it.

bottom to top: Sigma Tapered Blending E35, Eye Liner E05, Small Tapered Blending E45, Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80

Keep reading for the break-down, review, and more photos!

bottom: Sigma Tapered Blending E35 brush, top: MAC 222

Sigma Tapered Blending E35 brush (travel size)... This was a free gift with purchase, which is pretty cool! It is basically the dupe for the MAC 222, which is a favorite brush of mine. So far the quality is just as good as my MAC 222. I'm impressed!

left: MAC 210, right: Sigma Eye Liner E05 brush

Sigma Eye Liner E05 brush... I usually use a MAC 210 (pictured above) for applying my gel and cream eye liners, but wanted to try a slightly thicker brush. The E05 is a dupe for the MAC 209 that I was considering getting. So far I like it, but I'm undecided whether I like the smaller brush, or larger brush for applying my eye liner.

left to right: Sigma Tapered Blending E35, Eye Liner E05, Small Tapered Blending E45, Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80

Sigma Small Tapered Blending E45 brush... The E45 is a dupe for the MAC 226 brush that was Limited Edition (it's being re-promoted soon though!). I have always wanted the 226 but haven't been able to get my hands on it, so I was excited to see the E45! I love the tapered end of this brush to really focus on my outer V.
If you have smaller eyes and find some eye brushes to be too big this one would be perfect for you!

Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80 brush... So, on to why I originally placed my order! This kabuki is the best I have found for applying liquid foundation (other than my MAC of course). The brush is super soft, but the bristles are short enough that you get some stiffness as well. I like a stiffer kabuki for liquid foundation because it moves around the product more, blending it farther over the skin and creating a more natural finish..... If you have a kabuki with long bristles they will just bend over when you apply pressure, therefore not really doing their job! Does this make sense?...... Anyway, the brush is growing on me. I still prefer my MAC 180, but if my house burns down and it's gone forever then the Sigma F80 will do =)

Summary: Sigma is a great brand for brushes, and as much as I hate saying it, they deserve all the hype!! They are a great product for the price. Definitely worth a try!




  1. im in desperate need of new brushes x

  2. I love Sigma brushes, I didn't expect them to be as great as they actually are!


  3. I own the Sigma E45 & love love love it!

  4. i have no sigma brushes and kinda thought the same that you did... but i might just have to try them!

  5. Kirsty, you should try out Sigma! I love how they gave a travel brush as their free gift. It's pretty amazing!

    Nora, I totally agree!

    Kristel, I'll have to check that one out!

    Heather, it's definitely worth a try! They pretty much have every single brush MAC has.. I'm impressed :)

  6. hahaha thats what I thought.. the hype turned me off! :P but i live in the UK so the shipping probs isnt worth my while :( but what are the prices of a sigma brush and a mac in the US? Ive never looked into either but i was just wondering what MAC acctually cost.. I've assumed it to be very very expensive but if you could let me know id be interested :P ;) xx

  7. i am a new follower please follow me back thanks

  8. I love Sigma. I don't have any MAC brushes so I can't really compare them, but I'm perfectly content with my Sigma brushes. :)


  9. oh I love the small tapered blending brush from sigma! it is my favorite brush (as I included it in my favs post recently) It is perfect for my crease, and yes i do have smaller/hooded eyes!

    check out my give-away if you get a chance to - elf & b&bw stuff!



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